Abominable Snowman Adult Costume

Abominable Snowman Adult Costume

Product Details

Abominable Snowman Adult Costume includes White Furry Bodysuit, Inflatable Shoulders Component, Character Mask, Matching Hands and Feet. Dress up as the mysterious and famous Yeti in this awesome abominable snowman adult costume. This mythological creature and ape-like costume that inhabited the Himalayan mountains can be yours with a click a way. Groof around or scare others in this famous Yeti adult costume. All the snowbunnies will want to be around this adorable abominable snowman. Heads will turn when you show up this Halloween in this awesome abominable snowman adult costume.

Please note that actual color of the Abominable Snowman's hands is not dark gray as pictured. It is ivory with hints of gray.